Staff Insight - Tom

Staff Insight - Tom

Have you ever wanted to know a little more about our dear Tom? Read more about him and what he gets up to in his spare time... There's even a dig at Jack in here!




Company Director & Geek


To provide 1st line support to customers. Including installation, customisation, configuration and usage. Tom is also responsible for keeping the company ticking along.

Professional Background:

Tom is one of the founding fathers of CraftSRV Ltd, but that's not all he does. Tom's previously has also run a successful hosting company, before it was closed in 2013 to dedicate time towards CraftSRV Ltd. Tom is a fully qualified ICT Technician and works in a large team to support a thriving institution. Tom is also a professionally trained Theatre Technican, so loves messing around with Lights, Sound and other theatre based stuff!


You won't find Tom in a wide open space, without his drones! Aerial photographs are a great creative way of seeing the world outside of the box. Go-karting is also a loved past time. (Don't let Jack near Go-Karts... he stalls them)

Favorite Food:

Freshly Cooked Gammon (Grab it whilst it's hot!)

Three things that Tom cannot live without:

Orange Juice (With Fruity bits), His Drones and His gaming computer (#PCMR)

Written by Tom Pearce.
on Thursday March 23, 2017
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