It's time to customize!

It's time to customize!

It's time to let you know about our newest and LARGEST requested feature. Custom domains, are gonna rock your world!

Custom Domains are here!

During our beta period, one of our testers suggested that we add the ability do use custom domains with

As soon as this feature was suggested, votes sky rocketed and we simply couldn't wait any longer. We had to do it.

SO, as of today, we are proud to allow users to choose to enable the use of a custom domain on your product.

Simply choose 'Custom Domain Name' at checkout, or upgrade your package to take advantage of this awesome new feature.

Why would you want to use a custom domain name?

  • Custom Branding for your site
  • Ensure YOUR customers know that they are working with your services
  • Make it seem like you have an awesome custom control panel.

So, why not get stuck in with this awesome new, next generation panel.

Written by Tom Pearce.
on Tuesday April 4, 2017
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