You will be super pleased to hear that today we are making the first of our brand new provisioning modules available.

WHMCS Provisioning Module

The new WHMCS Provisioning module, is everything that anyone could have dreamed for.

It's just like our old one... but new! So far, we haven't added any new features into the module and that's because... we don't know what you want us to add!

So, if there's something you think is missing, please grab your mouse and your keyboard too... and put in a feature request!

So, what's available in the module?

Standard Module Functions

  • Create
  • Suspend
  • Terminate
  • Change Password
  • Customers can login directly to their service from the client area
  • Welcome Email support for standard template variables
  • Define settings on a per product basis
  • Plan ID
  • Dedicated IP options
  • Server Prefix options

You can read all about it on our addons page and you can learn how to install the new module, here!

Written by Tom Pearce.
on Wednesday March 29, 2017
May the Source be with you... It's time to customize!

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