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Yes, thats right! We have now integrated with Blesta, the popular multi purpose billing platform! Grab it whilst it's hot!

Blesta Provisioning Module

The new Blesta module, is everything that any Blesta user could have dreamed for...EVER!

Up until now, Blesta users have been unable to provising services from their billing area, but now it's time to change that! Today, we would like to announce the availibility of our Blesta module!

We have worked to ensure that you get the same seamless way of working that any Blesta module requires. It's fast and easy to setup, and you get some great results at the end!

So, what's available in the module?

Standard Module Functions

  • Create
  • Suspend
  • Cancel
  • Customers can login directly to their service from the client area
  • Welcome Email support for standard Email Tags
  • Define settings on a per product basis
  • Plan ID
  • Dedicated IP options
  • Server Prefix options

You can read all about it on our addons page and you can learn how to install the new module, here!

Written by Tom Pearce.
on Thursday April 20, 2017
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