Ahoy there, Discord!

Ahoy there, Discord!

We love to talk to our customers. So, why not come and have a chat to us (and other customers) in our official Discord Server.

We love to talk... some say we talk too much.

The discord channel allows you and others to discuss... pretty much anything! We have channels for General Chit-Chat, Off-Topic, Development and Gaming. We also have some channels for GamePanel.io Announcements, Support and even news.

Our Text Channels

#off-topic great for general chit chat like what you had for breakfast, what you are doing right now and questions like 'Why is the sky blue'

#development For all things development (not just CraftSRV Ltd related) Maybe you have a bug that you want to ask the community about?

#games Great for chatting about the latest and greatest games you have found. Maybe you fancy finding players to play GMOD with you, or chat about your latest headshot in CS:GO!

#support Ideal for quick support and advice, but you should open a ticket for all issues. But maybe we can help in here!

#announcements Is a timeline of news and bits and bobs including our latest tweets and network status. Although you do get some random tweets about chocolate on toast!

Our Voice Channels

General Chit Chat Come and have a chat using your voice, you could even hear how northen Jack and Connor are!

Customers Verified customers will be added into a super special group to allow access to this Voice Channel

1-2-1 Support When you require a bit of peace and quiet whilst our staff support you

Play games with Staff Sometimes, we love to drop tools and play some games. We will open this channel up when we are playing and would love you to join us! We are a little partial to Rocket League, so get practising your goals!

AFK You might just end up here if you spend too long in the bathroom...

Written by Tom Pearce.
on Monday August 21, 2017
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